What would happen if we drop a toaster in a bathtub?

Last Updated on December 11, 2021 by Henry Matthew

What would happen if we drop toaster in a bathtub

What would happen if we drop a toaster in a bathtub?

An electrical device and the water, right? Without thinking they are enemies of each other, as far as the knowledge of a sound mind says, it would defiantly come up with “if you drop a toaster in a bathtub it would definitely cause that toaster to short circuit as you plug it in or it may just get broken as it gets dropped and there is no water in the bathtub.”

There is a chance that it may not get broken or your toaster may remain safe, amazed how it can be? It can be if the bathtub is filled with water and the water is distilled water. Distilled water normally doesn’t have ions, minerals, and many sorts of the same things are normally sucked from it.

Normal water has ions and minerals, making it sparkier and more damaging for electrical devices, whereas the case with distilled water is something else.

Practically speaking, no one has distilled water in his or her bathtub, right? Definitely, if you are going to drop your toaster in your bathtub, you are getting that toaster to be broken or not working right very that moment. Can you make a pizza in a toaster oven?

We can say that we may have a remedy regarding this, but with a chance that it may work or may not work, you put that toaster under the sun’s sunlight and let the warm rays of the sun dry it out and make it work again.

Make sure not to plug it in the socket as it is wet; if you will, it will definitely get the device short-circuited. You have to wait for it to dry out and then plug it in, so no short circuit happens to the toaster.